Review of WP Engine Cloud Hosting Services

The market is flooded with cloud hosting services and most of doesn’t fail to make strong promises on speed, performance and customer satisfaction. Out of the pool of cloud hosting services, we need to handpick only the ones which are value for money. If one is looking for a longer time profit, earn revenue through online business and experience all of this without compromise on performance and speed, WP Engine clearly is a great option for WordPress users.

wp engine cloud hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting Service

WP Engine hosts only WordPress content which is why it is run by experts and skilled professional in the background. The WordPress Hosting is managed by WP Engine team and all you need to worry about is the content or blog. It is managed in a way that all continuously software’s are updates, automatic backup is created of the content and you have access to customer support 24 x 7 through phone or live chat in case of any problem. Since the hosting is managed well, there is no problem with speed and performance of the website.

Secure Cloud Hosting

One of the most important things is the security of the website. With automatic updates, the website is secured completely and there is periodic scanning for detecting and eliminating malware. The technical team of WP Engine takes care of any threats and also quickly resolve any problem related to the data centre. WP Engine is the run to provide the most secure and safe Web hosting. In case your website is hacked, the team recovers everything without any extra cost.

Plans and Prices of WP Engine

It is known to all that WP Engine is a little expensive than other cloud hosting services but it comes with complete security and speed. In WP Engine you pay for great speed, performance and well-managed hosting. The basic or personal plan starts from $29.00 that offers 10GB of storage and up to 25K visitors. The professional plan comes for $99.00 per month with 20GB of data storage and allows 100K visits per month. The business plan is considered the best for people running their online business and can be purchased for $249.00 per month with 25 WordPress installs, 30GB storage and 400K visitors. The premium and enterprise plans have more to offer and the pricing can be customised as per requirement. There have been cases where the client is overcharged with certain fee and it is the only downside. WP Engine coupons are great deal and discount to the new user offering up to 20% and its exclusive 60-day money back guarantee is the cherry on top offer.

Standout features of WP Engine

They have many great features that make them stand out and with the great technical team, your website is in safe hands. It offers daily back-ups so that you don’t lose on any content. With the firewall protection the threats are kept away from your data and with its EverCache technology, it offers great speed. It offers 100% uptime rate which means the host is online all the time. The CDN Ready loads the content of the website to the browser at a blazing fast speed. Get a complete statistics of speed, performance and analyse how your website is performing. With the fast speed of website download, increase your google rank and let more people know about your business.


All this clearly conclude that WP Engine is a good choice for hosting your WordPress site and earn good money out of it with the help of WP Engine affiliate program. A little investment in the beginning is a costly affair but results are worth the payment made.

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