How to Manage MySQL Server in Bluehost Account

MySQL is a well-known server to deal with the database. Bluehost provides infinite access of MySQL server in the form of their basic shared hosting option.

MySQL database has turned out to be the professional level. On this context, it is crucial that you have knowledge on usage of MySQL server over the hosting account. Go through the article that shows the ways of managing MySQL server over the Dream Host account.


Dealing with the MySQL Database

MySQL 5.0 is presently being used for most of the fresh database purposes. However, Bluehost still deals with MySQL 4.1 database for antique database made. But, the MySQL 4.1 database can be upgraded to latest version as well.


In order to deal with the MySQL database management tool in Dream Host you have to first login into Dream Host section. Go to the Goodies panel, you can spot MySQL Database link there, click on it. You can set host name, database name, etc there.

Make your Hostname first [MySQL]                              

Prior making MySQL database, one has to set MySQL hostname. On this context, you have to click on the “Add New Hostname” option over the MySQL database management section. Next, you have to set the hostname. Then you will have to pick the domain for which you wish to apply MySQL database server.

The point is that you have to make hostname. It’s completely on you regarding the hostname choice. You can add digits on this context as well for better protection.

Making the MySQL Database:

As the MySQL hostname has been made, you have the option of making MySQL database. For it, you have to visit the MySQL database management page. You can find option for making database at the lower extreme of the page.

For making database, one has to provide database name and choose the domain name that you just made long the username and password, so that you can have complete access for it. Anyway, you can add some comments for future reference, but it’s optional. Finally hitting the ‘Add new database now’ option the database generates.

Deal with the Database User

As the database is made one may wish for changing the usage permission.

1You can witness the complete detail at database management panel.

2 You just need to click the username of the database, and it takes to the following page.

At the page there is the option of arranging various permissions like addition, upgrade, making, deletion, swapping, etc for user for the database. The ip, and password can be set as well for connecting with the database.

Have the phpMyAdmin:

For having the demo of server access you need phpMyAdmin to deal with the database. Bluehost is having the facility to make and remove database and the user. For testing your query you have to go with phpMyAdmin.

There should be no issues while going through the above steps regarding the creation and management of MySQL database through Bluehost. Anyway, your valuable comments are always welcome if any problem appears, or somethings like that. So hurry up and make your first database.

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