The Easiest Way To Install ionCube Loader on Bluehost Server

IonCube is the way through which you can encode php files. It helps in protection issues as no one can witness the script. It helps in keeping the crucial codes scripted in php under wraps so that no one gets a clue of it. However, one needs to install the ionCube over the server for accessing the ionCube encoded files.

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Very Crucial ionCube:

It’s really a handy option to go through. You can come across many instances where the ionCube becomes a valuable asset. You will come across many occasions where you have to run tools encoded through ionCube. Hence, make sure that you have ionCube installed over the server for accessing those tools.

No matter what program you want to run over the Bluehost account, one has to perform the ionCube installation over the server for the application. Hence, you must be aware of the steps regarding installation of of ionCube loader over the Bluehost account. Though there are many places over the web those claim to provide solution on this regard, still you may find it difficult sometime. There for we have made an effort here to present you with the most simplified options. Going through it you can certainly achieve your target. Check it out!


1 Visit the appropriate site for file download.

2 Have the specific file downloaded over your desktop. It stays on a zipped file, hence unzip it.

3 You can witness a couple of files in .php and .txt file there.

4 Pick the php file and upload it over the root directory of the Bluehost domain.

5 You can now access the file by making it active over the browser. Means, you can type the domain name in a conventional way like and add /dh-phpion.php. Hence the final type will be like

6 Hence the ionCube loader has been made available over your domain. Now you are open for dealing with any tool encoded with the ionCube. The installation step is just for domain. It doesn’t work absolutely for the Bluehost account. It means you need to go through the installation of ionCube in each and every domain where you wish for using the ionCube.

The process is too simple; isn’t it? There is hardly any chance of coming across with flaws while following the above steps. Still, if anything comes on your way while going through it, then you can leave us your valuable comments any time. Cheers!

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