Honest Review on Bluehost and Bluehost Coupons

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting services people would list when it comes to best web hosting services. The web hosting services provided by Bluehost are top notch and one of the best kinds! Like all other hosting companies Bluehost offers plenty of different hosting options filled with customer friendly features, including plenty of discount options like Bluehost coupons can be find here, however they would change depending on what package purchased and what purpose it is being used for. For reviewing, we have taken our hands on the in depths of Bluehost and tried to come up with an honest review to help you decide about Bluehost.

bluehost review and bluehost coupon

About the Company

Bluehost has been around since 1996; it’s been quite a long time. The company is one of the commercial web hosting companies that had ever existed and they are still keeping up their positive reputation. Their survival story almost through two decades gives us a bigger picture of the positive impact they leave in this specific industry. Web masters heavily rely on Bluehost for hosting solutions and that comes at the price of quality service, 24/7 customer service, state of the art technical infrastructure, and the impressive OC-48 backbone connection as well. Summing up all the details, we couldn’t but had to agree about the goodness of Bluehost.

Brief Idea on Pricing

There’s an elaborated pricing list on Bluehost’s website for all their packages. Bluehost’s packages are kind of simplified and many of those just fall under ‘one for all’ simplification array. Almost all web hosting providers now come up with one such plan for easier selling of subscription. The ‘one for all’ package from Bluehost is named Platinum Pack and it offers 1500GB of disk storage, 1500 GB bandwidth and all other features fully fledged, comes at only $6.95 per month but with online promo codes from easywaytohosting.com you will get it for $3.49 per month. This package is simplified to a bigger extent for everyone, however, for pro users it might feel like few advanced features are missing. The good part is, this Platinum Pack is still covering most of the advanced features an experienced web developer would be looking for.

Control Panel

For best management of your websites, it is highly recommended that your web hosting provider provides you an industry level control panel. The cPanel makes it way easier for web admins to navigate through their website configurations and make changes wherever necessary. Users with no or less programming knowledge would find the web-based file manager highly useful and helpful.

Support for Scripting

Not just the web-based UI, if you like it the advanced way and want to put everything manually by scripting your own codes then Bluehost’s system allows that. The common languages are supported on Bluehost’s scripting database, like PHP4, PHP5, Ruby, Python and PERL5 etc.

Can you depend on Bluehost?

Yes, Bluehost is absolutely dependable. Their hosting service was up almost 24/7 and there were barely any service disruption. There had been few minutes of downtime throughout the week but no human-made system is error free; and the downtime was totally inside the reasonable range. We had liked the customer service as well, the executive handling our issues were friendly enough to guide us through. Bluehost is truly sincere about keeping their 99.99% uptime guarantee intact; as well as keeping their positive brand image high.


During our test, the service provided by Bluehost was pleasant and solid. We haven’t noticed any considerable service disruption and the customer service department was nice to us. Read Bluehost vs HostGator article with comparing to other services, we found the cost very reasonable as well. We would highly recommend Bluehost.

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